Kamloops Towing Services

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  1. Emergency Towing: For those occasions when you need a towtruck pronto!
  2. Long Distance Towing: We’ll cross Canada and back for you, any time!
  3. Junk Car Removal: A service that’s free and fast!
  4. Fast Fuel Delivery: Why get your car towed if all you need is some gas?
  5. 24 HR Roadside Assistance: For that moment when your wrecked car is blocking traffic or you simply need a tow at 4 A.M. Christmas morning…
  6. Lockout Assistance: Get your car keys back in the right hands.
  7. Flat Tire Repair: We replace and patch popped tires in Kamloops BC.
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Don't hesitate to call (778) 900-5013 right now!

As a 24 hour towing company in Kamloops we're obliged to be there, but that's not why we do it. We do it out of love! Love for every beautiful person who shares this glorious city with us! Our tow truck company is glad to be servicing the City of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada with quality, 24/7 towing services. We'd be glad to take you call!

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Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Have no doubt when we say our towing company has the truck you need to haul your automobile, not matter how totaled or how large it is. We even to motorcycle towing. Heck, we could even tow your golf cart! When looking for tow truck companies in Kamloops feel assured you just stumbled on the right one. We care about quality in recovery. let’s bring your car back to you!

Your Local Car Hauler

That’s us! Call us car take, a car carrier, a car hauler; it’s all the same! We have all the towing accessories to make all jobs possible. And in the 21st century we know how to tow a car the best way, satisfaction guaranteed. Wondering who buys junk cars? We take them away for free, if that helps. We have the towing equipment to make bus shudder. Call 778-900-5013 now!