Junk Car Pick Up & Scrap Removal Kamloops BC, Canada

Have a totaled or wrecked car you’d love to get off your property? We’ll take it off your hands, no charge! And when it comes to cash for junk cars we’re willing to negotiate but we can’t promise money for junk cars but what we can guarantee is a free junk car pick up service. Contact us immediately

Free Junk Car Removal in Kamloops BC

junk car pick upSometimes an old car can look like a piece of art. Sometimes it can look like a heap of trash. Whatever the case may be, if you want your totaled or scrapped car taken off your property, call 778-900-5013 and we’ll come haul it away with no fees. Not all local junk car buyers will be as honest as our tow truck company. Sometimes a jinked vehicle can be worth $2, other times $3 or $4, that’s why we can’t promise to be a source to sell your junk car, but we can certainly come pick it up for free as we know the best means of disposing and recycling it. British Columbia is a host for numerous scrap automobiles and broken down vehicles. We offered to buy them all we’d soon be regretting it. We offer this service as a means of convenience for you and because we care about proper recycling. Whatever you do don’t dispose of your car in a lake. We’ll get rid of it for, in or nearby Kamloops!

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Need a junk car pick up in Kamloops BC?

We’ll be glad to take your junk car for a wrecker for you as we love to see material properly recycled and reused, especially in British Columbia where we work to maintain our reputation for being a province that preserves beautiful nature and wildlife conservation. Handle your scrap car the right way and call 778-900-5013 today to book a service!

Recycle Cars | Auto Wrecker Kamloops

Kamloops Towing is not an auto wrecker company, but we’re well associated with one and work with them to get your junk car pick up handled properly and taken to a wrecker service to see that the metals can be reused and recycled for future generations. Look no further for a scrap car disposal services in Kamloops BC!